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In case you missed it last night, the second segment of PBS’ Horizon, focusing on AZ Education was devoted to Dual Language!

At Kyrene de los Lagos Elementary School, both María Rivera (DL Kindergarten Spanish Educator) and Dr. Ana Gómez del Castillo (Principal) were interviewed. In the studio, two of our Spring 2016 Workshop Panel Members were guests: Dr. Jana Miller (Associate Superintendent for Teaching & Learning, CCUSD) and Aiden Fleming (Deputy Associate Superintendent, ADE). How fabulous to have all four in attendance at our workshop on Saturday!

Although she wasn’t mentioned by name, Jana spoke about Cristina’s upcoming teacher recruitment trip to China tomorrow. Go, Cristina Ladas, our newest Executive Board Member as the official AZLA Representative to NCSSFL! (Jana is a current AZLA member.)

And I like to think that Aiden was alluding to AZLA’s commitment during the interview studio segment with Ted Simons. For those of you fortunate enough to attend SWCOLT in Hawaii, cheer for Aiden who will be awarded the SWCOLT Friend of the Profession (whether or not he is able to be in attendance). Kudos to Doni Nasr for organizing Aiden’s nominating packet from AZLA! (Aiden is an honorary member.) Best of luck to SWCOLT Program Chair Jocelyn Danielson Raught!

At Saturday’s post-workshop Executive Board meeting, a new Extended Board Committee and Chair were named: Peter Thomas will chair Native Languages. Peter is currently a Dine Language and Cultural Specialist at Shonto Preparatory School. Welcome, Peter!

Submitted by Kathleen Backalukas.

Posted in AZLA News on Feb 19, 2016