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We are pleased to announce another SWCOLT webinar presentation!

Presentation Title: Liberation from the List: Vocabulary Instruction Without Burdens or Limits

Presenter: Amy Lenord, Jasper High School, Plano Texas; TFLA Past President

Date: April 21 6:30-7:30 PM Central Time Zone

Description: What if the vocabulary lists teachers have used for generations to teach their students actually undermined their instruction? What if those lists are actually more cumbersome than helpful? So many teachers talk about abandoning the lists if only they knew a better way. Imagining language instruction without the vocabulary list can be frightening to teachers and students alike, but it is more than possible! It is liberating! In this session participants will explore the mind of a language student and the unintentional messages lists of words send him. Participants will get to play with concrete examples of how vocabulary can be taught without providing a list or even mandating a note taking system. During the course of those lessons participants will see examples of how losing the list knocks down the borders of what students are allowed learn and makes what they actually learn richer and longer lasting.

If you are a current member of a state foreign language teacher organization in the SWCOLT region, a member of SWCOLT, or of PNCFL, then you are eligible for this free professional development opportunity!

Sign up now! Learn without having to leave your home!

Link to Register: Sign Up For The Webinar

REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE ON Tuesday, April 19, 2016.

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Posted in Professional Development on Apr 14, 2016