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The SWCOLT / CLTA 2020 proposal form has been posted at

SWCOLT Summer '19 Scholarship

Posted in Professional Development on Nov 21, 2018

****Southwest Conference on Language Teaching (SWCOLT)


Scholarship Opportunities for Teachers****

SWCOLT Scholarships offer professional learning opportunities to study abroad for foreign language educators in the elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels. SWCOLT is aware that the travel involved in the receipt of these scholarships can be very expensive. SWCOLT will award a $300.00 travel reimbursement to scholarship winners of summer language study programs. We will also help, upon request, with letters that you could use with state foreign language association, your administrators, PTAs, Booster Clubs, or other organizations that might help you with your travel funds.


For the Scholarship Application, go to:

Click here for more information.

Click here to download scholarship application

Free Language Teacher Symposium: LaTeS

Posted in Professional Development on Oct 11, 2017

Free Language Teacher Symposium: LaTeS

From the Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language and Literacy (CERCLL) at the University of Arizona. With 6 hours AZ CE.

Social Justice in the Language Classroom: A New Lens on Learning

Presented by Pamela Wesely (University of Iowa; co-author of the ACTFL publication Words and Actions: Teaching Languages Through the Lens of Social Justice)

Saturday November 4, 9 am to 4 pm on the University of Arizona campus, Tucson AZ.

The event is free, but advance registration is required (see the website below).

Our 21st century learners need a multi-sensory learning environment designed around authentic learning experiences that encourage collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. How can teachers use focusing lenses to guide thinking when creating relevant instruction that is more meaningful and engaging? How can focusing lenses be used to shape the instruction of a thematic unit? How can rigor and relevance encourage learners to critically think of solutions to real-world global issues in innovative ways? How can appropriate technology be integrated to support student learning? How can learning be differentiated to need the diverse needs of our students? And finally, how can we assess our students so they can demonstrate their learning. During this workshop, participants will explore these questions and experience learning activities that promote deeper, richer thinking that can enhance communication in all three modes.

See the LaTeS website ( for more details about the workshop and Pamela Wesely, and for a link to the registration form.

LaTeS is a professional development event at which K-12 language teachers can share ideas and issues that are specific to their community. Certificates for Arizona Continuing Education are available.

Attendance is free, but registration is required. Lunch is included with registration.

Cosponsored by the University of Arizona College of Humanities.

Contact CERCLL with questions:

Summer Professional Development Workshop Series from CERCLL at U of A

Posted in Professional Development on Apr 26, 2017

Summer Professional Development Workshop Series

From the Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language and Literacy (CERCLL) at the University of Arizona.

Visual, Media and Digital Literacies in the Foreign Language Classroom May 30-June 9, 2017

The 2017 CERCLL Summer Workshop series will focus on the ways in which different forms of literacy can be incorporated into the language classroom. Participants may attend one, all, or any combination of the workshops. These events take place at the University of Arizona (UA) except for the gaming workshop on June 8 which can be taken either at the UA or online.

May 30-31 - Elyse Petit (University of Arizona), Give a Voice to Students: Implementing Digital Storytelling in Foreign/Second Language Classrooms

June 1-2 - Sébastien Dubreil (Carnegie Mellon University), Culture Frames: Using Film and Video in the L2 Classroom

June 5- Beatrice Dupuy (University of Arizona), Digital Social Reading: Reading and Viewing Together

June 6-7 - Chantelle Warner (University of Arizona), Foreign Languages and the Literary in the Everyday: Teaching in the L2 Classroom

  • Travel scholarships available for June 6-7. Deadline to apply: May 5.

June 8- Jonathon Reinhardt (University of Arizona), Gameful Foreign Language Teaching: Engaging Learners with Digital Insights

  • This workshop can be attended in person or online.

June 9 - Maker Day: An additional day of making materials and lessons based on the series.

Most workshops are just $15/day until April 30. The gaming workshop is $15 to attend in person/$10 to attend online until April 30. June 9 is free, but participants that day must also have attended one or more of the preceding events in the series.

Continuing Education for K-12 teachers – 6 hours per workshop day.

See CERCLL’s website for registration details, a link to abstracts and biographical statements, and a link to the travel award information:

Contact CERCLL with questions:

Unforgettable experience

Posted in Professional Development on Aug 31, 2016

Upon receiving the Gail Guntermann Professional Development Fellowship and the Tia Tula Scholarship for Spanish Teachers, a week of my summer was spent collaborating with other Spanish Teachers from the U.S abroad. 10 teachers were selected from across the US and Canada for this program. During this week long experience we lived together, attended workshops and explored the city of Salamanca, Spain.

As a first generation college graduate I would’ve never imagined myself studying abroad in Spain, it had always been a dream. AZLA was able to make this dream come true through the Gail Guntermann Professional Development Fellowship.

During my time in Spain I was able to meet some amazing educators from across the United States. It was truly astonishing to collaborate and share ideas with such a distinguished group. During our workshops we were pleasantly greeted by the teachers and staff at Tia Tula Spanish School.

The school has agreements with different universities and students can earn European University Credits ECTS thanks to its courses. The University credits can be transferred to any college or university in the world. They also offer summer courses for high school students. I’m definitely going to take a group when possible. This would be a great opportunity for them to immerse themselves in the Spanish language and culture.

I am grateful for the experiences I shared with fellow educators during our time in Spain. We still keep in contact and are planning a few collaboration projects from our respective positions. This experience truly left me inspired to continue to grow as an educator not just for myself but also for my students, I can also inspire other students to believe that anything is possible. The possibilities are endless. I want to take this time to thank AZLA for their support.

Anaid Jordan Spanish Teacher at Pima Partnership Performing Arts High School Tucson, Arizona

SWCOLT Webinar

Posted in Professional Development on Apr 14, 2016

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We are pleased to announce another SWCOLT webinar presentation!

Presentation Title: Liberation from the List: Vocabulary Instruction Without Burdens or Limits

Presenter: Amy Lenord, Jasper High School, Plano Texas; TFLA Past President

Date: April 21 6:30-7:30 PM Central Time Zone

Description: What if the vocabulary lists teachers have used for generations to teach their students actually undermined their instruction? What if those lists are actually more cumbersome than helpful? So many teachers talk about abandoning the lists if only they knew a better way. Imagining language instruction without the vocabulary list can be frightening to teachers and students alike, but it is more than possible! It is liberating! In this session participants will explore the mind of a language student and the unintentional messages lists of words send him. Participants will get to play with concrete examples of how vocabulary can be taught without providing a list or even mandating a note taking system. During the course of those lessons participants will see examples of how losing the list knocks down the borders of what students are allowed learn and makes what they actually learn richer and longer lasting.

If you are a current member of a state foreign language teacher organization in the SWCOLT region, a member of SWCOLT, or of PNCFL, then you are eligible for this free professional development opportunity!

Sign up now! Learn without having to leave your home!

Link to Register: Sign Up For The Webinar

REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE ON Tuesday, April 19, 2016.

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